I’ve discovered my green thumb, kind of

on June 25th, 2015 by - Comments Off

I have always had a terrible time at being able to plant things. I was not even able to successfully plant flowers in school, much less plant them when I got older. However, one day upon searching for the perfect item to make my new home look like it housed someone with gardening skills, I came across a wonderful item. Green walls was basically the answer to my lifelong failure at being able to plant things. I was able to buy items and set them up in my yard to at least give off the impression that I was able to grow things. This made me feel better and after a few years I was actually able to begin planting things that grew. I will always be thankful for the inspiration this type of instant gardening item gave me. However, be aware that things which grow outside don’t do well in the winter. I sure didn’t realize that.