The Path to Her Heart

When John moved down to Texas, he had no idea just how hot the summer months would be. The brochures he got from the real estate company had mentioned a warm environment, but they didn’t say just how warm. The paving company John worked for was a national company, and they had promised an all expense paid move and a pay raise if he transferred to their Texas location. Sunburnt and miserable, he thought he must be hallucinating when his first client for a porous paving job turned out to be beautiful and single. She was also just as hardworking as he was. The two quickly hit it off, and soon the hot weather didn’t seem to be so bad. He labored each day on the project until it was completed before finally asking her out on a date.


Music Can Make Or Break A Party

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The cake was ordered, the tuxedos reserved, and everything was quickly falling into place for my fiance and I’s upcoming nuptials with one small exception, the music. It was coming down to crunch time and we simply could not agree on the type of music that would play during the reception. Our families musical taste were incredibly broad and it seemed impossible to please the masses. We auditioned a DJ, string quartet, solo singer, and a wedding violinist. We decided to hire the violinist and it was the perfect decision. Soft melodies floated through the courtyard inviting our guests to relax and talk, or even dance. The music wasn’t overwhelming nor offensive, it was perfectly neutral. Our special night went according to plan with every person playing their part in just the right way, we wouldn’t change a single thing.


Recycling Can Inspire an Artist

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While most people might see an 18-wheeler parked in a large shopping center, or pass by a recycling plant, many of those people only see recyclables as a way to earn a little extra cash. While the viewpoint of monetary gain is perfectly valid, I have a friend, Tennessee, who specializes in recycled glass media. This means that he will either use broken shards of glass or melt down donated glass and rework the pile into a vase, a jar, or any other practical or artistic glass object that strikes his fancy, or the fancy of a commissioner.

One of his most impressive pieces involved over a massive pile of fractured and shattered liquor bottles he’d been given by a nearby vendor friend. He used all of the material to create a family of snowmen, even making use of several bottle caps as stand-ins for the buttons across the torso.


Purchasing an unusual instrument

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Purchasing an electric violin can be an overwhelming decision-making process. Before making a purchase, it is important to consider various aspects that include the budget, your tone preference and style preference.

The electric violinist often finds themselves troubled when it comes to selecting an electric violin. Having adequate knowledge on the price range, you are willing to use to purchase your electric violin goes a long way in simplifying and narrowing your selection. Electric violins price range between $100 and $500 for the most expensive. For you to get the best and avoid frustration you should spend at least $250 to get a quality and long lasting electric violin.

However, if your budget allows you to spend more, you can get instruments that perform great as performance violins for $500. These instruments have brand names such as wood violins, NS Design and Yamaha. The finish jobs in this price range are good and the tone is perfect.


Finding Something To Do On A Rainy Day

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If you are bored and are not able to think of anything to do, you may be thinking that you will end up being bored all day long without anything to occupy your time. Consider going online and looking up various activities that you can do with your family, such as playing with silica sand and doing various projects with it. If it is a rainy day and you had wanted to go to the beach, you can instead pretend with your family and play with sand. Make sculptures and sand castles, and just enjoy yourself with the ones you love. Combining various crafting tools with your imagination can get you pretty far when you want it to. Start your search for activities to do with various items in your home and stop being bored at home. There are plenty of things to do with your family on a rainy day!


Home Improvement Project

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A home improvement project can be simple or it can be adding a new addition. Let’s talk about renovating bathrooms Bolton. One inexpensive way to remodel a bathroom is to paint it. You would be surprised how much a coat of paint can make a difference. Painting can make the room look totally different. Another inexpensive thing you can do to upgrade your bathroom would be to change the fixtures and the hardware on the cupboards and drawers as well, this can give a different look to the bathroom. Changing the window treatments is another inexpensive way to upgrade as well change the look of the bathroom. You can also change the shower curtain out as well. One more inexpensive thing you could do to renovate the bathroom is to put different color throw rugs down. All these things will change the look and not hurt your pocket book.


Golf Course Madness

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For years, I lived in Asia. A relative had a factory making items for private homes. Some customers came often to perform quality control checks on the items they had purchased. Many brought their spouses along for the trip.

One couple that I remember really loved the tropical atmosphere of the area where we lived. As they were both golfers, we invited them to play a round at our local club. Once we arrived at the entrance to the course, the visitors wife asked us to stop the car. She left the vehicle because she noticed a type of beautiful flowering plant lining the golf paths of the course.

As a florist Harrogate, she always had an interest in the plants that she saw. She was shocked to find this golf course had tens of thousands of plants, considered expensive at home, called the “Bird of Paradise” all over the course.


I’ve discovered my green thumb, kind of

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I have always had a terrible time at being able to plant things. I was not even able to successfully plant flowers in school, much less plant them when I got older. However, one day upon searching for the perfect item to make my new home look like it housed someone with gardening skills, I came across a wonderful item. Green walls was basically the answer to my lifelong failure at being able to plant things. I was able to buy items and set them up in my yard to at least give off the impression that I was able to grow things. This made me feel better and after a few years I was actually able to begin planting things that grew. I will always be thankful for the inspiration this type of instant gardening item gave me. However, be aware that things which grow outside don’t do well in the winter. I sure didn’t realize that.